crazy people

Think back to why you started doing what it is you’re doing. What is the dream you’re chasing, the dream that is worth paying the price through cash, sweat, blood, time, lack of sleep……. The price that you are willing to pay now because you can visualise why it’s worth it. Mediocrity and excuses live where there is no dream, where there is no urge to create something special.

Would you rather be the person who is fully charged, passionate and a bit crazy in the pursuit of something, or safe Sam who creates reasons why luck is against him and automatically thinks of why IT won’t work instead of how to make IT work.

Choose your IT and go for it.

Choose to surround yourself with the people who are a bit crazy in their quest of their IT, they’re fun to be around and give you energy. People act as magnets, the world is a mirror of ourselves and we attract people like ourselves and try to make other people like us.

Tomorrow check out closely who you are hanging out with. Do they give you energy and inspire you to be like them or do they act more like an energy vampire and try and make you be like them?