We love quality and today we pay homage to one of the best businesses in our region – Bridge Road Brewers Beechworth.

We live in an age where society seems obsessed with chasing as much quantity at the lowest possible price, we have very much largely become a “cheap” society. Beer and pizza being the perfect examples of mass produced, low quality cheap products………. but this place in Beechworth is different, it attracts a different crowd (which is growing) and gives us a lot of hope that this is the beginning of a trend back toward quality.

How refreshing and inspiring is it to visit a place that cares to take time to prepare quality, nearly all ingredients fresh and locally sourced, where you are happy to wait quite a while because the buzz and atmosphere of the place makes you want to settle in with great music, staff who smile and seemingly happy to be there in the most charming town in Australia. It ticks all our boxes for a Sunday lunch.

Quality costs money to produce and paying the extra price is usually worth it.