What are you aiming to be better at right now? Is it as a business manager, sporting coach, accountant, nurse, teacher, Mum, Dad, Nan, Pop…..?

The fastest way to get results in improving your vocation is to use the most underutilised tools in the world that virtually all of us have – YOUR EARS!

Those who can ask great questions and then listen hard to the answer do incredibly well in whatever field they’re in. Unfortunately few people focus on asking great questions and even fewer focus on listening to the answers.

Listen so hard that you block out everything and make the answer your sole focus. We have so many distractions these days so which we must overcome at the moments when we need to listen. The phone call, text messages, phone alert, social media, television, e-mail etc. can wait till later.

Keep probing with more questions to get the answer. Short questions and listening will get to the valuable answers you’re after.

Tell people that you are hearing them, get clarification understand the message they are giving you. It is a beautiful art that requires constant practice and is incredibly rewarding for those who developing hearing skills.

When you REALLY listen it is not just with your ears but also your eyes, heart and mind! Think about it.

Great questions and great listening will set you apart and make you the best manager, coach, accountant, nurse, teacher, Mum or Dad.