north face

At Yates Group we’re massive admirer’s of people who conquer insane challenges and tomorrow in the Blue Mountains a few hundred people will set out at the crack of dawn to tackle the beast that is the North Face 100.

100 kilometres of sheer pain and beauty wrapped together in Australia’s premier ultra-marathon.
We love madness and this event is truly mad. We also love drawing parallel’s between sport and business and the comparison’s in this event and business are clear.

Business is a marathon, gruelling, full of uphill challenges, downhill relief, head winds, tail wind’s, unexpected setbacks (injuries) etc.

The big difference in the analogy of business and sport is that business owners do not set themselves enough finish lines. Destinations where they can aim for and when they get there celebrate and give themselves a pat on the back. Most business owners jog or walk (sometimes backwards!) aimlessly for years on end and don’t realise why they are get tired….. really tired – Don’t be like that!

If you’re in business think about how far you’ve come and set your next finish line to regularly inspire and reward yourself.

A special shout out to Yates Group’s favourite athlete Brad Yates who is tackling his second North Face 100. Go well you legend!