Who do Yates Group work with?
We work with any business owner (of any size business) who is serious about improving their business. Our focus is on improving the cash and profit that is generated by our clients business and making the business less reliant on the owner. To be a client of ours, the business owner/s must be absolutely determined and prepared to put in a huge amount of effort (with us) to achieve the spectacular results we aim for.

How does Yates Group achieve its aim of significantly improving the cash and profit generated by its clients businesses?
Our analytical tools and processes and our skilled advisors, along with a huge amount of energy and passion that we bring create a potent combination to identify and prioritize the key actions our clients need to implement to continue to move toward achieving their dreams.

Our systems quickly identify where a business is making money and losing money and we use this data to guide the business owner toward a much better future by making better decisions.

Continuing to measure business performance on an ongoing basis is critical to success in our engagements. You can’t manage what you don’t measure so we instil in our clients the discipline of capturing timely data of the critical numbers in the business. Actions and measure will bring you treasure.

What are the main reasons to engage Yates Group to help your business?
We know how to find and unlock your profit potential without the requirement for you to incur any major costly initiatives.

We challenge the thinking of our clients and keep them accountable to their actions and numerical targets and continually take them to new levels. It is immensely fun work for us to do and we would love to be involved with you if you think you need a fresh and objective perspective on your business performance and want to put an end to mediocrity and dissatisfaction as a business owner.

We will only accept a new engagement if we are highly confident that exceptional results will be achieved with a new client based on their mindset. Failure is not an option for us.

Why does Yates Group do this work?
Because there is no greater thrill for us than seeing the difference we make to people’s lives from playing an integral role in helping business owner’s become very successful and improve the value of their business by many multiples. We also do this because we genuinely believe that very few other advisors have the skills, experience or the time to do this work at our quality standard.

We also have a genuinely strong belief that every business owner needs a quality accountant and mentor to help identify the actions required to make more money and also to keep the business owner accountable to those actions and keep your energy up and motivation up to strive to be better in business.

How quickly do we help our clients achieve results?
As quickly as practically possible. Actions will be identified from our very first meeting to start to be executed to improve your business results immediately. There is no time to waste and we have a strong ethos of being action oriented.