Listen Here

What are you aiming to be better at right now? Is it as a business manager, sporting coach, accountant, nurse, teacher, Mum, Dad, Nan, Pop…..? The fastest way to get results in improving your vocation is to use the most underutilised tools in the world that virtually all of us have – YOUR EARS! Those who can ask great questions and then listen hard to the answer do incredibly well in whatever field they’re in. Unfortunately few people focus on asking great questions and even... fewer focus on listening to the answers. Listen so hard that you block out everything and make the answer your sole focus. We have so many distractions these [...]

Make A Difference

Think about your day ahead. Are you going to be doing the right things with the right people in the right way to make the most of who you are? This is the recipe to have the most impact in making a difference and also to enjoy your working days.

Time Theft

If someone comes late to a meeting today, or someone keeps you unfairly waiting let them know they have stolen xx number of minutes from your life that you will never get back! Time theft is the worst possible kind as you cant get it back! Be more protective of your time today (and always), be on the lookout as there are time thieves everywhere trying to get you!

Continual Results Improvement – Your Scoreboard

Has your business got a culture of continuous improvement of your numbers? The business can’t help but improve when the key numbers of your business are constantly measured and your whole team is focussed on the same numbers. Make it visual, have a scoreboard, celebrate success and ring a bell when you hit targets, have a party, make it fun! Once we start measuring, we are able to find out what has changed, what surprised you, identify the drivers to move, are you allocating resources in the wrong areas, what do you need to do differently etc.

Insane Challenges

At Yates Group we’re massive admirer’s of people who conquer insane challenges and tomorrow in the Blue Mountains a few hundred people will set out at the crack of dawn to tackle the beast that is the North Face 100. 100 kilometres of sheer pain and beauty wrapped together in Australia’s premier ultra-marathon. We love madness and this event is truly mad. We also love drawing parallel’s between sport and business and the comparison’s in this event and business are clear. Business is a marathon, gruelling, full of uphill challenges, downhill relief, head winds, tail wind’s, unexpected setbacks (injuries) etc. The big difference in the analogy of business and sport is that business [...]