What’s your Mission?

Our mission in business is to help create 1,000 great businesses. A great business is one that can thrive without the owner having to be there. We're ready for you to join and be part of the "Yates Group" if you're a business owner who is passionate about your business and motivated to achieve serious success. We're here to help you achieve your mission and work towards ours at the same time!

Planning to cash in one day?

Every business that exists has the potential to be sold. So many business owners do not think about selling their business and those who do often have an unrealistic value in their mind...... We can help you achieve your dream sale price in business. Just like trying to sell a house, the earlier you start preparing for sale the better the chances of getting a great result for your business.  

Business Valuation in 10 Minutes

Interested in what your business value is right now? Take 10 minutes to do the questionnaire and find out right now how your company is performing by clicking on "get your score" via the link below.

Are you winning?

Sports are fun because we keep score and know if we won or lost. We celebrate when we win, we work harder to improve when we lose. Are you winning in business? You can get your free business score out of 100 right here in less than 10 minutes -

Want more time? Want more money?

Are you in business? Want more freedom with your time? Want to make more money? If you answered yes to all, take 10 minutes to “get your score” -

Your X Factor

To truly be a great business you need to have an “x-factor”. It’s the secret behind your domination in your industry and it needs to be guarded with extreme care. The x-factor is the thing people looking from the outside wonder why you are so successful and cannot figure out. Some businesses publicly celebrate their x-factor like KFC who are famous for their 11 secret “herbs and spices”, whereas most others keep their x-factor very quiet. It should be so protected that only or two people in the business know it! Whether your x-factor is your low cost of production, your distribution, your marketing, your employee training, your recruitment, your recipe…….. you [...]

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