The most important thing you need to get done now

You might be wondering what you need to do next in business... There are so many things you could be working on, so what is the priority? We know exactly how you feel. The decisions we make on what task to work on and then how well that task is executed is what determines success in business. Who is helping you choose the next task, and how to best do it?

What price do you charge?

One of the more difficult things in business is pricing. What is your product or service worth......? You don't want a price that keeps everyone happy, you're selling yourself short, some people need to be rejecting your price for it to be right. Be courageous and set your price to achieve fair reward for what you offer. Delivering to customers who get the most benefit from what you offer is the secret to higher prices. Another thing, if you have a huge demand and limited capacity it's time to lift your rates.

You climbing Everest or an Ant Hill?

What is the vision you have for your business? What is the size of the challenge you have set yourself? Are you climbing Everest or are you climbing an ant hill? We admire and respect the business people who choose Everest. Taking on an Everest requires courage, preparation, determination and of course a Sherpa! ... If you want to get to Everest we will take the responsibility of helping get you to the summit and be your business Sherpa.

Highly Profitable Businesses

Want the recipe for a highly profitable business? Five ingredients required: 1. A product or service that your customers (and you and your employees) are incredibly passionate about 2. Ability to deliver the product/service efficiently... 3. The product/service is teachable to others 4. Customers continually require the product/service 5. As few direct competitors as possible (now and into the future) who can produce the same product as efficiently

Are you fired up?

Are you in the right gig? Whether you work with cars, numbers, coffee, animals, hammers, computers, children, property..... it should feel natural, normal and fun. If it doesn't feel like that it's time to change the work or change the mindset.

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