bored accountant

Think back to when you chose to enrol in accounting at University. Did you have a dream of sitting in an office cubicle all day surrounded by other accountants and the most passionate moment of your day being the debate at the lunch table about whether something is tax deductible….? Surely not.

Perhaps it’s time you do your life a favour and move to what you thought accounting was about when you started at Uni! At Yates Group we believe accounting is an art which is all about interpreting business numbers and being able to communicate to business owners. This combination of financial acumen and being able to have rapport with people is the art that sadly so few accountants in Australia demonstrate.

Accounting is not being an expert on the Income Tax Assessment Act.

Do you feel like an inspired artist who is continually perfecting your craft, or someone who is half comatosed during your day at work?

At Yates Group we challenge our clients, debate with them, we tell them the awkward truth when it gets ugly so they do something about it. Essentially we lead our clients to financial success. We believe our role is a major ingredient in the success of our client businesses. So, if you feel like it’s time to get in the trenches, roll up the sleeves and make a difference in your community by lifting the performance of businesses then let us know.

We reward our people at 3 times the hourly rate as provided by traditional accounting firms. We do this because we only accept the best clients, and only accept the best accountants and we have no waste (eg. no team meetings…..). We reward our people on results. No set salaries, no talk about write offs or billable hours. Just plain rewards for results and we give the platform to achieve exceptional results.

If you are wanting to become a real business accountant (whether it be for 5 hours a week or 50 hours a week) we want to get to hear from you.

We want to hear from you if you are in Victoria or New South Wales and are a CA/CPA or intending to become a CA/CPA in the next two years. Tell us in under 400 words how you will use your skills to lift the performance of businesses in your community.

Send your written plan to by 22 May and we will be in contact to discuss how we might be able to work together to achieve your plan.