Darren-YatesYates Group business accountants support small to medium business owners by helping them make a lot more money in business and to achieve a lot more freedom with their time by making the business less reliant on them individually as the owner/s.

Business success is something we are passionate about and we believe our role as external advisor is incredibly important in guiding business owners toward their long term goals which gives us a huge thrill.

Unfortunately, very few accountants in Australia help their clients build better businesses and they generally stick to looking at historical figures and processing tax returns! At Yates Group, our strong belief is that accountants have a much greater responsibility to the business community and should focus a lot more on business advice and a lot less on tax advice.

Being in business is tough, and its our job to make it easier for our clients by providing external independent advice and fresh thinking to help solve business problems and also prioritise the key actions to keep improving the business and making sure those actions get done.

We are different to other accountants in many ways such as:

  • We meet with our clients every month to keep them up to date with their business financial performance
  • Our clients have annual business revenue of over $1 million
  • We meet at the client premises to be able to understand the business better and also to reduce time impact on our client
  • We provide fixed fees agreed with our client in advance, we do not believe time is a good measure of value
  • We do not delegate the relationship to a “junior accountant”. We have ultimate respect for our clients and place an incredibly high value on the human connection that is built
  • We provide insights that show business owners how they can make much more money in business
  • We provide clients with constantly updated set of prioritised actions so they know the key tasks they need to be working on to improve their results
  • We allow our clients to manage their business and make decisions based on quality information (not on guesses)
  • We drive the agenda with our clients, we do not sit back and wait for them to contact us.


Contact us now to arrange a meeting with us so we can get you moving straight away to achieving much better financial results in your business.