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How do you rate your Accountant?

What mark out of 10 do you give your accountant? Consider how often you see your accountant, the quality of his/her advice, do you understand the advice, does your accountant understand you as a person and what you are aiming […]

Your critical number

What number are you focussed on in your business at the moment? What number today, this week, this month, this year? Is everyone in your team aware of the number you are wanting to improve? The most critical number in […]

What’s your target?

As a wise person once said “A man who aims at nothing hits it with amazing accuracy.” What profit level are you aiming for?

Business Bloopers!

If you took a video of every activity that occurs in your business over a full week and then edited out just the highlights, how much would be left on the cutting room floor?

Seeking Accounting Artists

Think back to when you chose to enrol in accounting at University. Did you have a dream of sitting in an office cubicle all day surrounded by other accountants and the most passionate moment of your day being the debate […]