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Time Theft

If someone comes late to a meeting today, or someone keeps you unfairly waiting let them know they have stolen xx number of minutes from your life that you will never get back! Time theft is the worst possible kind […]

Continual Results Improvement – Your Scoreboard

Has your business got a culture of continuous improvement of your numbers? The business can’t help but improve when the key numbers of your business are constantly measured and your whole team is focussed on the same numbers. Make it […]

Insane Challenges

At Yates Group we’re massive admirer’s of people who conquer insane challenges and tomorrow in the Blue Mountains a few hundred people will set out at the crack of dawn to tackle the beast that is the North Face 100. […]

What’s your purpose….. What are you passionate about?

Think back to why you started doing what it is you’re doing. What is the dream you’re chasing, the dream that is worth paying the price through cash, sweat, blood, time, lack of sleep……. The price that you are willing […]

Budget Night

Predictably, sadly, once again the nation seems to be getting itself into a frenzy over the federal budget tonight. What handouts are we going to lose, how is it going to be unfair etc. The mainstream media are obsessed with […]

Your one number

If you could only look at just one number per day in your business what would it be? Phone calls, website visits, waste, kms travelled, finished goods, cash, customer visits, average sale value, number of transactions…….. There are valuable numbers […]

Who’s your coach?

Could you imagine an AFL Club or A-League club without a coach? Sport understands the value of coaches and sporting teams have significantly increased the numbers of coaches they use over the past 10 years. Businesses however have been slow […]

The Automatic Customer

Anyone involved in business do yourself a favour and get your hands on a copy of John Warrillow’s latest book “The Automatic Customer”. A must read for people wanting to significantly improve the value of their business.

Business Builds Communities

A special shout out this morning to all the business owners out there who continue the journey today toward achieving their business vision and dreams. The sacrifices you’re making (that few people see) are worth it, keep up the great work! […]